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Common Kitchen Sink Problems

If the response is “yes”, chances are that your problem with your kitchen sink plumbing is nothing serious than an improperly designed faucet or a clog in the aerator. When water contains high levels of calcium, sodium, and magnesium, it can clog the aerator. To fix a clog in the aerator, it’s important to have an expert come out and replace the aerator.

One of the most common kitchen sink plumbing problems is one caused by water leaks that are either blocked or are located near the drain. If the leak is located near the drain, you may need to use a drain snake to clear away any debris. You can also use a drain snake to unplug the sink. The best way to do this is to turn the water off, then unscrew the plug, and use the drain snake to snake the pipe back through the kitchen sink.

Another common kitchen sink plumbing problem that can lead to a clog in the aerator is a clogging caused by an obstruction in the pipe. In many cases this will be caused by a clog in the kitchen sink drain. In this situation you will need to take the sink apart and clean out any build up of grease, dirt and food remnants in the drain line.

To remove a block in your sink’s aerator, you will need to remove the aerator from the kitchen sink. This can be done with a long-handled wrench. Then, using a screwdriver or pliers, slowly pull the aerator down. The aerator should come out relatively easily.

If your problem lies in the sink’s drain itself, a gas fitter should be called to have the drain clogged removed. You can drain the sink by running cold water down the drain; however, if that does not work a gas line snake may be needed. Using the same screwdriver and pliers to unhook the plug attached to the drain, run the plug through the drain pipe. then slowly unscrew the plug. After the plug is free, attach a hose to the hole.

There are numerous different types of Gas Plumber problems and it’s up to you whether or not you want to have an expert come out and fix it for you. However, if you think you need professional help there are several services available to you. Homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of a professional plumbing repair.

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